Real Estate Acquisition and Analysis

We are thoroughly familiar with the tax laws governing real estate. Our firm has advised many clients in their search for and acquisition of real estate. We can assist in determining the accuracy of the asking price versus the market value. We are familiar with the industry accepted practices for determining the realistic value of investment property based on rental income.

When you have selected a property to purchase we can assist you as stated under “Loan and Financing Assistance” in obtaining the financing to make your chosen acquisition. We will then assist you in setting up a proper record keeping system for maintaining your records. This system will enable you to ascertain the profitability and cash flow of your property and prepare the information for inclusion in your personal tax return.

With all the changes in the tax laws in recent years, we will have thorough discussions with you the client to determine the best tax vehicle to use for purchasing this property as an individual property or the first in a line of investment properties.