Payroll Processing Assistance

Dershowitz & Company will assist you in deciding the best way to handle your payroll requirements. We can provide payroll processing using comprehensive payroll processing software. We provide this service to our smaller business clients on an after-the-fact basis as part of our monthly service. The payrolls we prepare are for clients with small payrolls. As your business grows and your payroll exceeds our capability we can refer you to an outside payroll service. This is always a payroll service we have a relationship with and can assist you in the implementation and interface required to begin using this service.

If you the client, are sufficiently computer-oriented we can install the payroll software we use on your computer. This will allow you to do your own payroll and print your own checks with complete current and year to date information on each employee check. If you decide to use this system we will take the information and continue to prepare your payroll tax returns when due.

In the event that you prepare your own payroll, or we prepare it on the after-the-fact basis, you will be responsible for payment of all your payroll taxes, federal state and local.

All the taxing authorities now have the capability of performing this task using their websites on the internet. We of course, can assist you or perform this function for you.