Audit Services

Audit services refer to a two-faceted function. The first audit function would pertain to most of our clients who are small business clients. This function would also apply to our 1040 preparation clients. This is the audit of their individual tax returns.

Martin Dershowitz is enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service, and licensed in Pennsylvania as a Public Accountant. Both of these licenses allow Mr. Dershowitz to fully represent his clients in all IRS matters including appeals to the Appellate Division. This is the level preceding representation in Tax Court. Most clients would never require representation to the appeals level, but we can represent you if the need should ever arise.

Martin Dershowitz has many years of experience in representing clients in front of the IRS as well as other taxing authorities. Dershowitz & Company can represent clients for returns that we prepare that are being audited. We can also represent new clients who have audit problems with returns prepared by someone else. We can assist and deal with other IRS problems, such as collection and the problems resulting from collection procedures being instituted against you.

The second phase of audit would involve “Financial Statements” intended for third party use. Certified audits are not done as common practice by small accounting firms for small business clients. Financial institutions accept “Compilation Reports” on accountant’s stationery to fulfill this requirement.

Dershowitz & Company, in the normal course of doing our clients accounting work, perform a cursory audit to ensure accuracy of their records. This is done to further insure assets and liabilities are fairly stated. These procedures are required by rules governing this work. These are the rules of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, to which we adhere.