Accounting Services

Dershowitz & Company provides a wide range of accounting services to all types of small business. The services provided will depend on the size of the business and the nature of the internal bookkeeping, or lack of internal bookkeeping capability currently existing.

We generally visit our small business clients on a monthly basis. This is necessary because of the monthly reporting requirement for taxes such as Pennsylvania Sales and Use Tax, Pennsylvania Withholding Tax, Federal Income and Social Security Taxes. Those of our clients who are in Philadelphia and have a liquor license have a monthly reporting requirement for this tax also.

For those clients who do not have any internal bookkeeping capability we will provide all the necessary write-up work and payroll preparation as needed. We provide a monthly Profit and Loss statement at the time of our visit to your establishment. This statement is computer prepared from the information provided by you. It is strictly a computer generated form which is not intended for third party use. For those clients in the food business the statement will have a percentage breakdown of food and labor costs.