About Us

From the moment we begin our business relationship we demonstrate our careful attention to detail that you will soon come to depend on. We start by listening to you, and finding out in which direction you wish your business or personal accounting services to go. After careful consideration, we advise you what steps should be taken to begin this journey. Finally, we prepare a program for you to suit your particular business or personal situation.

But that’s not where it ends! Once you become one of our clients, we are always available to answer your questions, counsel you in financial matters, and discuss new circumstances as they may arise.

We are licensed in Pennsylvania as public accountants, and enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service. We provide a full line of professional accounting services to our clients, and we also consult on insurance, pension, real estate acquisitions, and financial and tax planning matters. We are computer consultants;we can advise you on software and hardware acquisitions designed for the small businessman and restaurant business. These include inventory and menu pricing software systems. In conjunction with this we do restaurant consulting. We also consult on your wine service and can redesign your wine list with a philosophical approach concentrating on the demographics of your customer base. Our firm has the means of assisting you in obtaining financing for your business either through local financial institutions or the Small Business Administration. We have the facilities and the knowledge to put together the financial statements, projections, and biographical information that must be included in the loan package required by financial institutions for evaluation to obtain financing. Our main objective is to make the bookkeeping task as effortless as possible for you. The accounting procedures we have designed require a minimum amount of time and effort on your part. All the systems we have designed interface with our computer programs, enabling us to provide comprehensive and varied financial data to our clients, at reasonable and competitive fees. We generally set up monthly retainers for each client, which are based upon the complexity of the assignment and the time it will require.